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About Us



We are a company comprised of dialysis professionals that specialize in providing Home Hemodialysis in a wide array of settings including but not limited to: Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Livings, Senior Livings and patients homes. We also specialize in treating patients with higher acuity needs. We can treat patients that require ventilator care, tracheostomy care, who require bedside dialysis, special cardiac conditions and most other high acuity needs.

Heritage Dialysis’ business model is built to educate people on their options for dialysis care and to make available the best treatment plans that will not only give them a better quality of life, but help them take back control of life’s busy schedule.

Heritage Dialysis was started by a Dialysis Nurse who wanted to give people suffering with Kidney Failure better access to dialysis options that would allow them to take back control of their lives. Most people suffering with Kidney failure are prescribed a standard treatment plan that has them go to an outpatient kidney dialysis services clinic three times a week for 3.5 – 4 hours at a time. They are given a time slot for when to show up to the clinic and told what foods not to eat and to limit your fluid intake. All of these things put up a barrier between the life they are used to and the new reality they face of with Kidney Failure.

Meet some of  Heritage’s Staff

Ryan Height BSN, RN, MBA

Founder & CEO

Jessica Rau, BS

Chief Operating Officer

Crystal Blanton CCHT

Director of Operations

Tish Garrett RD

Director of Nutrition

Marlon Hernandez BSN, RN

Director of Clinical Operations

Marc’l Kish CCHT

Director of Admissions

Gail Ryan LMSW, ACSW

Director of Quality and Risk Management

Rob Easton LMSW

Social Worker and Insurance Specialist

Les Bowers RN

Home Therapies Manager